"Spuren und Zeichen" ("Traces and Symbols"):
Sophie Calle, Hamish Fulton . . .

17.11.2004 - 30.01.2005

The exhibition “Traces and Symbols” is dedicated to an art movement that originated in the 1970s. Although no artists ever referred to themselves singly or collectively as “trace seekers” or “trace conservationists,” the term has nevertheless since gained currency for certain artistic approaches of a similar stripe. It is used to describe artists who seek out the hidden, the forgotten, or the suppressed, thereby exposing its cultural and historical roots. The goal is not an evocation of the past, but rather a visual representation of hidden and forgotten interconnections.
Artistic “trace seeking” can take on a near-scientific character and exhibit a methodical proximity to archeology, natural science, history, or the gathering of criminal evidence. It can also be fictitious.
The inquiry thus transpires in the interrelationship of the artist’s external and internal impressions. The observer is encouraged to explore and become aware of his own individual structures and history.
Scriptural elements and symbols play a central, creative part, as does the use of natural materials. The Kunstfoyer’s exhibition “Traces and Symbols” serves as a forum for artists from all generations and demonstrates how new media now provide additional forms of expression. In the most varied ways, the individual exhibits focus on the topical issue of mnemonic techniques and data storage.

The Artists

Sophie Calle, Heribert Sturm, Rose Stach, Thomas Wrede, Davide Cantoni, Hamish Fulton


Isabel Siben